Consciousness is the underlying binding force of all creation. It exists in infinite manifestations and may defy definition. Let's use the analogy of a sphere, which represents Infinity; paradoxically so, as you cannot put a boundary on infinity... That sphere creates another realm of itself within itself,  where it explores 'the idea of separation' - we call it the unconsciousness. 
In Sanscrit texts (Hindu philosophy) these two 'realms' are referred to as Purusha and Prakriri. Purusha is pure consciousness, the transcendental Self which does not know itself. It is non-dualistic, paradoxical superposition existing everywhere and nowhere. In order for Purusha to know itself the Prakriti is created. Prakriti is dualistic, it is the manifested universe, which is unconscious and where the infinite dualities repel each other, until they unite...
(...we need to move beyond the mind to 'get' it, but we all can :) 
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