"Tools and technology can work with you, but they can never replace the power of the One consciousness within you"
Germane, channeled by Lyssa Royal Holt 
This unique deck of cards is based on one principal, a journey of consciousness. From its unified state, through fragmentation and separation, back to unity through integration. ​​​​​​​
Regardless of the linear structure that this 'road map of consciousness' is presented, the card system is based on a holographic and fractal concept of reality.  

This 108-card divination system was designed to tap into your star lineage, karmic patterns, and lessons brought to Earth in this life. 
The information received during a reading, one can use and apply in a practical way. As an intuitive student of this card deck, I recommend it to anyone, who gravitates towards mental, emotional and spiritual integration.
Galactic Heritage Cards are channeled by Lyssa Royal Holt