"Tools and technology can work with you, but they can never replace the power of the One consciousness within you"   Germane, channeled by Lyssa Royal Holt
This unique deck of cards is based on one principal. A journey of consciousness. From its unified state, through fragmentation and separation, back to unity through integration. 
Regardless of the linear structure that this 'road map of consciousness' is presented, the card system is based on a holographic and fractal concept of reality. Thus, one must realise, all lifetimes are simultaneous.
The deck consist of 108 cards and depicts different galactic species (including Earth humans) as well as non-humanoids. They are represented to symbolize the main archetypal energies which influence human experience on Earth. ​​​​​​​
During a card reading, individual can tap into his/her galactic connections such as "past" and "future" selves, but also other energies and archetypes.  ​​​​​​​
This information can shed light on some issues and patterns one is experiencing, which are ready for healing and transformation. 
That said, the card deck is a tool. By its means an individual can obtain a clearer seeing of his/her karmic patterns. Use and apply the received wisdom in a practical way. But also, become aware of him/her self as the character, the observer and the source of All That Is. 
One doesn't need to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life to benefit from a reading with this deck.  
The creator and Channel of the Galactic Heritage Cards, Lyssa Royal Holt
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