Are you willing to see yourself differently? 
Are you willing to include the denied parts of yourself?

This is not an easy process, and it most defiantly doesn't come in a pill or a spiritual technique... It is an honest self observation and inner work including seeing how your ego is sabotaging the process...
How our ego structure is using our belief systems in order to justify its own authority?
First, it is very helpful to understand the function that the Ego plays: in order to navigate in physical reality, consciousness needs a 'tool' to keep itself focused in the denser realms (realm of 3rd and early 4th density) Ego is that tool and it has just that function - to keep up us anchored in the physical reality. Ego is neither positive nor negative, it's just a tool... and doesn't like the process of integration very much. It wants is to stay in it’s 'safe zone', where it believes it has everything under control... The voice of Ego is so convincing,  that you may not realize that (as an example) you use your spiritual practices (or any other) as an escape from fear and pain you don't want to face. Well, at some point, in this life (or next) this integration process will have to happen, it is a natural part of evolution.  Whenever the Ego is challenged by our willingness to grow spiritually it uses triggers (which come from our belief systems) to convince us to stay in 'our' (ego's) comfort zone. 
How to work with your Ego?
Honest self-observation, without judgement. When one begins observing the mechanisms of self-sabotage that Ego uses, one will begin to experience a sense of profound liberation. 
Where does our pain come from? 
The unconscious parts of us suffer the primal/ archetypal wounds, which came from the (illusory) 'separation' from the One Source - rage, outrage, abandonment, fear, guilt, pain, shame, blame... all these await healing on our path of integration. This pain lies in every being, and nothing external can help you heal it.  Only YOU can heal yourself, through self-love, conscious compassion and forgiveness. That process is an individual one and each one of us will go through it in one life time or another. Be aware of the human drama (your own or others) but don't engage in it... It takes willingness and a dedicated practice. First step is recognizing your own power and the ability to change...
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