How can the infinite consciousness become aware of itself? One way to answer that question is to say that it needs a point of reference. It cannot know itself if it has no relation to itself.  For that purpose, the realm of seeming 'other' is be created in order to experience that idea of separation and reflection.
Within consciousness, in a realm which we can call the unconscious, creation (manifested universe) 'plays out' the 'game' of separation. That separation is therefor illusory,  as it was created and exists within the realm consciousness itself. Consciousness will fragment itself to the point where it can experience the deepest polarity...  until it is 'ready' to integrate.
Our minds almost constantly fluctuate between polarities: "I don't like this, I like that, he is nice, she is not" etc... Never-ending judgement... However if you shift your attention into the 'neutral zone' of the observer, your stare of consciousness changes. You can attempt to embrace both sides of any polarity, without a need to feed one or the other. you rest in the paradox.
You realize that the dualities exist in perfect harmony once they are both equally accepted. It's this AND that, not this OR that. Give your self some time and a know,  that this practice is a very tricky territory for the mind, as the mind can never 'get the idea of the paradox... The mind itself is polarized. 
If you begin to challenge yourself by practicing 'non polarized thinking', so just resting in the observer, the neutral point, you shift the whole paradigm of the reality you create/experience.
The more you practice harmonized duality, the easier it becomes to relinquish the addiction to judge.... yourself or anyone one else... It actually can be much fun to do that, especially when you encounter the most annoying to you people and instead of judging them, you offer them compassion.  The outcome of this kind of new attitude can be very surpassing... This practice is truly priceless. You become more in alignment with nature of consciousness - which is one, unified oneness. You evolve into a new understanding of your-self, as the One-self'.
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